GTA VI Long-Awaited Trailer: Analysis by Stream Hatchet’s YouTube VOD Analytics Tool

The long-awaited GTA VI trailer is finally out on Rockstar Games’ YouTube channel. The 90-second trailer offered an overview of what the game will look like when it finally drops in 2025. With tens of thousands of people waiting in Rockstar Games’ YouTube Premiere lobby, gamers were feeling the hype building up since the announcement of the trailer after 10 years had passed since GTA V.

Stream Hatchet’s brand-new YouTube VOD Analytics tool provides the performance of the trailer. So far, the video has been up for 17 hours and has already 74M views alone and almost 8M likes. Additionally, 1.9K videos have been made talking about and reacting to the GTA 6 release trailer, generating an additional 25M views on YouTube.

GTA VI on Twitch

The excitement around the release of GTA 6 on Twitch was palpable. Chat mentions for the game soared to 72K on December 4th, reflecting the community’s enthusiastic response. Additionally, a significant number of channels, totaling 830, featured GTA 6 in their stream titles, indicating a widespread focus on the game. This level of engagement demonstrates the immense impact and anticipation surrounding GTA 6 among the Twitch community

About The Game

GTA 6 will take place in a fictional Florida called Leonida, with the comeback of one of the most beloved cities in the franchise, Vice City. Players will be filling Lucia’s shoes as the protagonist of the new adventure Rockstar is preparing. If it is following GTA V’s character selection dynamic, gamers will play with another character, whose name was not given.

Another interesting feature is that several views of the game were through a platform that looks similar to either Instagram Reels or TikTok. This first trailer looks promising to the potential of what could be one of the greatest games of the decade.

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