GVC Top Ten: 1/20–1/26

Tl;dr: BenjyFishy and Epic Games, Nvidia Scores Strong with Diegosaurs, Max and Mates.

Last week’s most watched games were dominated by MOBAs while Fortnite managed to stick around the top as well. Heading into February, leagues, tournaments, and game updates are popping up left and right making for a somewhat volatile rankings list. With that said, only three titles managed to increase their hours watched from the previous week; two of which were because of esports.

League of Legends once again remained on top as it grew 7.25% to over 30 million hours watched. Largely due to the opening weekend of the LCS and LEC, League of Legends generated about 10 million more hours watched than the #2 game on the list. While increasing viewership by over 7% is a good performance (especially when dealing with tens of millions of hours watched), LoL has plenty of room for further growth. Now that the season is underway, there is more LoL content being produced week-over-week; likely leading to even more hours watched. Stay tuned to see how the LCS and LEC affect League of Legends viewership as a whole.

Dota 2 slips into the #2 spot after DreamLeague Season 13 wrapped up on Sunday with Team Secret taking home the gold. The Dota 2 community seems to always support the big tournaments with noticeable spikes in viewership. This time around, the hours watched peaked at almost 21 million which resulted in a 84.61% increase from the week prior. This growth was the biggest of the week but will be monitored closely as the hours watched inevitably decline following an event of that size.

Fortnite once again held onto a top three spot even though the title fell 3.26% to about 18.5 million hours watched. As rumors swirl about when the next season will begin, the hype seems to be building up again. Additionally, the various campaigns that Epic Games are running (like the Icon Series cosmetic collection) are keeping some attention on Fortnite while the competitive scene lacks large tournaments at the moment.

Game Genres:

  • Battle Royale: 4 (Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, PUBG)
  • MOBA: 2 (League of Legends, Dota 2)
  • Open-world: 2 (GTA V, Minecraft)
  • FPS: (Escape from Tarkov, CS:GO)

Mobile vs. Non-Mobile:

  • Mobile: 2
  • Non-Mobile: 8*

*Fortnite and Minecraft have mobile compatibility but are largely considered non-mobile titles.