TL;DR: League of Legends remains on top followed closely by Just Chatting. Fall Guys breaks into the top three as streamers of all varieties are giving the game a shot.

Last week, League of Legends generated the most hours watched across Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming live content. The decade-old game is in the midst of its Summer Split for its professional leagues which certainly helps overall viewership. Just Chatting content is still trending as listening to streamers talk about life, politics, or anything interesting remains a favorite pastime of many. Fall Guys has quickly become the new meta with its cartoon-style battle royale game play suitable for all viewers. The title has taken the streaming world by storm with plenty of streamers showing off their obstacle course skills in an effort to earn the coveted victory crown. Will Fall Guys be able to hold onto its spot in the top three or will the game be just a flash in the pan?

Top Growing Titles:

  • Fall Guys increased 27% in total hours watched from the week prior. The increase may have something to do with the game’s hilarious banter on Twitter with TimTheTatman who has yet to win a game. The back-and-forth between the Fall Guys’ Twitter page and Tim has led to various viral posts.
  • VALORANT rose 11% in hours watched as streamers like Shroud and Ninja streamed the game a few times generating sizable viewership.
  • Minecraft had a slight growth of 2% as the game is approaching its 10th anniversary of its public release date in 2011.

Top Declining Titles:

  • PUBG Mobile decreased by 20% in total hours watched. With mobile games still securing a large portion of the live streaming market, expect PUBG Mobile to bounce back next week and hold on to its spot on the list.
  • Fortnite was down 18% from the previous week as the hype from the game’s recent update and animated short seem to have subsided. With that said, Fortnite is still a titan and very capable of stealing the top spot with the launch of a new season.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dropped 16% following the release of Season 5. The initial viewership spike was inevitably going to fall after the start of the season but the continuation of Warzone tournaments (like the MFAM Gauntlet) will surely keep COD on the list.