Just Chatting is miles ahead of the next category but Garena Free Fire and World of Warcraft made massive leaps.

Hopefully, the live streaming industry is seeing the impact the Just Chatting category has on viewership. Not only has it been the most watched category for multiple weeks in a row, but it’s leading the way by a substantial margin. While some streamers are purely Just Chatting content creators, more and more influencers are turning to the category at the beginning or end of their live streams as a way to connect with their chat. Clearly, the content strategy works resulting in enormous viewership every week. Regardless, other titles like Garena Free Fire and World of Warcraft are benefitting from new content and growth of certain genres in the industry.

Top Growing Titles:

  • World of Warcraft generated 30M hours watched, an increase of 291% to go along with a 575% growth in peak viewers.
  • Garena Free Fire placed second with 31M hours watched, a climb of 12%. The mobile game also had the highest peak last week with 1.8M viewers.
  • PUBG Mobile grew 6% in hours watched but also boasted a 97% growth in peak audience.

Top Declining Titles:

  • Among Us fell again to 25M hours watched, a decline of 23%. The party game may be on its way out the door.
  • Fortnite dropped 18% in hours watched and almost missed the top ten. However, expect Fortnite to make a jump next week.
  • Minecraft declined 16% but was able to sustain a peak of over 1M viewers.