Just Chatting widens the gap at the top and Among Us climbs past League of Legends.

Last week’s most watched categories was topped by Just Chatting; this time by a wide margin. The steady growth of Just Chatting exploded with increases to both hours watched and peak concurrency, possibly due to channels covering election news not under the “Politics” categories on streaming sites. Among Us reached second place by taking advantage of the League of Legends esports season ending the week prior. The party game is still very popular with streamers but its future is uncertain heading into Q4 with plenty of new releases scheduled. With that being said, Among Us is slotted to release a new map in an upcoming update. League of Legends is still one of the most popular games in the world but slid to third last week.

Top Growing Titles:

  • CS:GO increased 34% in total hours watched while also generating a 36% growth in peak viewership.
  • Minecraft jumped up to the fourth place spot after a 32% climb in hours watched.
  • Just Chatting reached 62M hours watched, a 20% increase from the previous week.

Top Declining Titles:

  • League of Legends fell 23% coming off of the end of its esports season.
  • Fortnite dropped 8% in hours watched but may face another decline with the release of COD: Black Ops Cold War this week.
  • PUBG Mobile finished in tenth place, almost missing the list entirely, after a 6% decline. Garena Free Fire remains the most popular mobile game on the list.