KaiCenat Sees 3.8 Million Unique Viewers During Jail Stream

During the week of October 27th to November 3rd, popular Twitch creator KaiCenat live-streamed for 7 days straight from behind bars in a simulated jail. 3.8 million unique registered viewers tuned into his streams, 144% more than the next most-watched creator, ibai

During his 7-day prison stream, KaiCenat generated 12.8 million hours watched. This put him at the top of the live-streaming charts across all platforms, including Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook, and Kick. To put it into perspective, Kai saw 2.14 times more hours watched than the next most-watched channel that week, the official Dota channel streaming The International 2023, with 6.0M hours watched. 

The momentum for Kai’s simulated prison stream was instantaneous. A peak viewership of 231K was achieved in less than 20 minutes from the start. This immediate surge was generated by the hype and content published promoting the stream. 

KaiCenat’s Prison Stream in Numbers

Throughout the week, the channel saw an influx of 3.8M Unique Registered Viewers (URVs). The interactivity was robust, with 291K chatters contributing to conversations, resulting in a chat participation rate of 7.6%. Among the discussions, there was significant brand loyalty on display: KaiCenat’s team, known as ‘AMP,’ was mentioned over 5K times.

Diving deeper into the daily metrics, the week saw an average of 1.12 million Twitch users tuning in each day to be a part of this streaming journey. Impressively, almost half of these were recurring fans. On average, 46.2% of viewers from any given 24-hour window had returned from the previous day. This retention underlines the consistent quality and engagement KaiCenat brought to the table day after day.

The Takeaways

In conclusion, KaiCenat’s jail-time simulation wasn’t just an impressive show of endurance and entertainment but also an exemplar of what modern-day live streaming can achieve. It’s a strong rapport between a streamer and their community and an indication of the potential growth and engagement that innovative and well-planned streams can bring. 

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