LEGO X Fortnite: A New Era in Gaming Collaboration

The recent partnership, Lego X Fortnite for the innovative game, has been nothing short of a marketing triumph. Released on December 6th shortly after its announcement during the notable Big Bang event, the game quickly turned heads, propelling Lego as the most mentioned brand on Twitch chat. 

Amazon often sees the most mentions in Twitch chat, garnering 70-80K messages daily. This is often due to creators having Twitch chat commands enabled on their channel to send viewers a link to their Amazon account.

Most Mentions Across All Twitch

On the day that the Lego Fortnite game released, “Lego” became the most-mentioned brand in Twitch chat with 150K mentions, almost 50% more than Amazon’s total that day. Day 2 it saw 190K mentions, and still days after the release, Lego is generating more mentions than Amazon.

The collaboration’s success is quantified by over 1B impressions for Lego, a staggering number that highlights the effectiveness of integrating a well-loved brand into a popular gaming universe. This feat is particularly impressive considering the diversity and volume of content on platforms like Twitch.

So far, Lego Fortnite generated 7.7M Hours watched during its first 4 days across Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Kick, and Facebook Gaming. In addition, it reached 415K peak viewers and sustained 322K average viewers. 

It is still early to determine how big Lego Fortnite will get in terms of viewership, but with the recent boost Fortnite had thanks to Fortnite OG, and Eminem’s appearance, it is only a matter of time until the game reaches new heights.

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Creators Leading LEGO X Fortnite

A handful of creators also had great performances while playing Lego Fortnite. Based on hours watched, the top creator was TimTheTatman with 417K during the four-day period. Ninja was the second-most watched on his Twitch channel, with 351K hours watched.

Lego’s notable experience in gaming allowed them to understand the impact of games such as Fortnite can generate. Starting with the world editor, creating exciting and innovative gaming experiences becomes easier, as we can see with Lego Fortnite. In this Lego world inside a Fortnite map, players are immersed in a sandbox-survival game where they need to gather resources and craft weapons to continue exploring the immense world ahead of them.

The partnership exemplifies a seamless blend of Lego’s timeless appeal with Fortnite’s cutting-edge gaming experience. The result? A gaming adventure that captivated the Fortnite community, evidenced by Lego’s soaring online mentions.

Strategic Timing

Launching in time for the holiday season, this campaign is a masterclass in timing. It’s an exemplary strategy for companies looking to maximize their holiday marketing impact. For Lego, this meant tapping into Fortnite’s vast player base during a period of heightened consumer activity.


The Lego and Fortnite collaboration is more than just a successful campaign; it’s a testament to the power of creative partnerships in the digital age. By leveraging Fortnite’s platform and audience, Lego has increased its brand visibility and set a new standard for interactive and engaging marketing in the gaming industry.

This collaboration is a prime example of how brands can effectively connect with audiences in the digital landscape, particularly in the gaming community, where engagement and innovation are key.

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