The winners for #Ads of the week are Two Point Campus, GameStop, and Papa John’s. 

Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus takes first place in this weeks #Ads of the week. Developed by Two Point Studios and published by Sega, Two Point Campus is a business simulator game released on August 9th 2022. The game allows players to build a university from scratch and customize it with a wide variety of staff members and academic courses. 

Two Point Studios partnered with Twitch livestreamer Jerma985 for this activation. The partnership generated 46.3K hours watched. This isn’t the first time that Jerma has streamed a game by Two Point Studios; back in September of 2018, Jerma played Two Point Hospital. 


GameStop came in second place this week, with their partnered activation with popular Twitch V-Tuber Ironmouse. GameStop’s activation included an extension in Twitch chat that redirected viewers to a landing page where they could purchase the Xbox Game Pass 3 Months for PC.  With the gaming industry taking the dive towards digital gaming subscriptions, it makes sense that GameStop would try to capitalize on this opportunity to adapt as well. 

The activation also featured Ironmouse playing The Evil Within from the Xbox Game Pass. 

Ironmouse is an English V-Tuber who is part of the V-Tuber group VShojo and is one of the top female creators in live streaming. In the month of July, Ironmouse has streamed primarily under the Just Chatting category, but has played a variety of games like Minecraft, Madison, Forewarned, and five other games. 

Papa John’s

Papa John’s arrives in the third spot this week. Papa John’s partnered with Alliestrasza to promote their pizza during her Twitch stream. The stream generated 41.6K hours watched for Papa John’s and featured the Twitch streamer showing off Papa John’s pizzas while playing the popular online card game, Hearthstone. Papa John’s utilized a Twitch chat bot, redirecting viewers to their website.    

Fast Food and Snacks brands have become a part of gaming culture and streaming culture by extension. Fast food brands have even partnered with video games to have in-game advertising. During long streaming and gaming sessions, gamers are looking for quick and easy to consume food that won’t distract them. Fast food tends to fit the bill and fuel them up. 
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