MMORPG Live Streaming Market Share

Tl;dr: Is Amazon's new MMORPG "New World" going to steal enough market share to become the most streamed game within the genre?

The Fall / Winter game slate is ripe with content for MMORPG fans. The impending release of the Endwalker Final Fantasy 14 expansion, along with regular content updates from World of Warcraft and Path of Exile will likely keep existing fans of the MMORPG genre hooked through the end of 2021. Enter New World, a new title from Amazon Game studios, which has already peaked at 798k concurrent viewers while in its closed beta. Will New World capture a share of this fiercely competitive market?

  • A strong showing in July around the closed beta: Not only was New World able to capture 29% of the MMO hours watched in July 2021, but it helped significantly boost the genre’s total monthly watch time, resulting in a 65% increase in hours watched from the previous month.
  • Just another passing fad?: While MMO hours watched dropped significantly in August (-33%), New World’s Closed beta ended August 2nd. Additionally, August was the 2nd best performing month for the MMO genre this year. 

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