TL;DR: India generated the most viewership of PUBG Mobile live streamed content on YouTube Gaming but the game is now banned in the country.

PUBG Mobile has been one of the biggest games globally as the mobile gaming market continues to expand. With recent news of the Indian government banning the game, viewership will be heavily impacted. The implications of the banning, along with 117 other Chinese apps beyond just PUBG, are massive for the emerging gaming market in India. This week, Stream Hatchet analyzes where PUBG Mobile viewership was generated throughout August 2020. 

  • India was the clear champion in total hours watched of PUBG Mobile content on YouTube Gaming- leading second place Indonesia by almost 50M hours in August.
  • With PUBG Mobile out of the picture, viewers may turn to another mobile battle royale game to replace the void. This presents quite the opportunity for new or existing games to capitalize on the Indian market.
  • Indonesia, United States, Russia, and Saudi Arabia accounted for one fifth of PUBG Mobile hours watched compared to India‚Äôs total in August.