Simulcasting During November on Twitch: A Look Into Top Twitch Creators Based on New Followers

Some interesting trends have appeared this November on Twitch, with creators gaining followers on new accounts across different platforms, showcasing the impact of the new policy changes around simulcasting across platforms.

A New Twitch Sensation

VEGETTA777, a long-time YouTube giant, rose to the top of Twitch’s new followers list with 581K new followers. His move to simulcast on Twitch marked a significant shift, bringing his substantial YouTube subscriber base to the platform. This strategic cross-platform presence underscores the growing trend of leveraging simulcasting to maximize audience reach.

Fortnite OG: Nostalgia at its Best

Mongraal clinched the second spot with 573K new followers, riding the wave of Fortnite OG. His involvement in creator-hosted Fortnite tournaments and the backing from Epic Games for his streams played a crucial role in his follower growth. This reflects how game-specific events and sponsorships can boost a streamer’s popularity.

Rising VTubers: CreamTheRabbit

CreamTheRabbit, an emerging Vtuber, made a significant leap in followers through engaging content centered around CS2 and Teamfight Tactics. By reaching 549K new followers, the VTuber rose to the 3rd spot, likely due a mixture between CS2 normal and modded content. In addition, Teamfight Tactics released a new set of characters and synergies at the end of November, providing fresh content.

Simulcasting: A Game Changer

The list also highlights the effect of simulcasting, with creators like Willyrex expanding their reach by broadcasting simultaneously on Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok. Furthermore, This approach has proven effective in drawing audiences from different platforms, expanding the streamers’ visibility.

In contrast, DjMaRiiO’s strategy centered on a full transition to Twitch, except for the Kingdoms Cup finale. His focused approach demonstrates the potential of dedicated streaming on a single platform to build a strong, engaged community.

November’s top 10 Twitch creators reflect a dynamic live streaming landscape, where strategies like simulcasting and platform crossovers are reshaping content creation. 

These trends not only provide new opportunities for audience growth but also highlight the importance of adapting to the changing preferences of the live streaming community. 

As live streaming platforms continue to evolve, creators leveraging these strategies are likely to stay ahead in the race for viewership and engagement

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