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Stream Hatchet Product Updates: 7.3.23

We’ve rolled out some new features in the Stream Hatchet app, check them out:

Audience Primary Location

Audience demographics insights now located in the Channels Tool

When you open up Channels in the Stream Hatchet app, you’ll see a new filter at the top of the page called “Audience Primary Location.” This new addition allows you to see where channels’ audiences are located.

Open the drop-down menu for a list of countries or start typing in your desired country or countries. Click “Apply” and the channels will populate below. If you select “Spain,” the channels that have the majority of their audience from Spain will show up in the table.

Even if you don’t select a country, the Primary Audience Location data will still be available for channels that have demographic information. Hover over the country to see the percentage of audience from that country, plus other top locations and their % share.

YouTube Gaming / Non-Gaming Data Separated in Platforms

When you open up the Platforms tool, YouTube Live can be seen as all one platform. A new toggle is available at the top in both “Rankings” and “Comparison” to separate the Gaming and Non-Gaming live stream data. Toggle the button, click “Apply” and see the two separated out.

Seen in Rankings:

Seen in Comparison:

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