The October Follower Surge: Twitch’s Top 10 Creators

October proved to be an exciting month for Twitch, with certain creators making significant strides in gaining new followers. The month saw varying content from just chatting sessions to professional gameplay, to real life simulations, demonstrating the diversity regarding content Twitch can offer.


Topping the list is xCry, who experienced an unexpected boost in new followers, amassing an astounding 822K in October alone. This creator primarily engaged audiences with ‘Just Chatting’ streams, offering reactions to the latest internet news, events, and trends. xCry’s charismatic presence and timely content curation undoubtedly played a crucial role in attracting such a vast new audience.


KaiCenat took the second spot with a commendable 510K new followers. One event that undeniably contributed to KaiCenat’s October success was his innovative Jail simulation stream. Beginning in the last week of October, KaiCenat put himself in a fake jail to simulate the life of a prisoner for 7 days, broadcasting the entire session. Remarkably, even at the time of this article’s release, KaiCenat remains live, continuously engaging his ever-growing audience with this unique content.


In third place, showcasing the exciting competitive gaming scene, is Jynxzi. His streams focused on the intense and strategic gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege. By not only streaming but also participating in tournaments, Jynxzi garnered a considerable following. His expertise and involvement in the game’s competitive scene resonated with fans, helping him secure 226K new followers in October.

Ranking showing the Top 10 global creators based on new followers during October on Twitch
October’s Top 10 Creators Based on New Followers on Twitch

These creators, with their distinctive content offerings, exemplify the varied interests of the Twitch community. From casual chats and unique simulations to high-stakes gaming, October’s top creators catered to a wide range of audience preferences. As the platform continues to evolve, it will be intriguing to see which creators rise to prominence and what innovative content they bring to the fore.

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