TL;DR: Games Done Quick hosted their Summer online event this past week and raised over $3.2M for Doctor Without Borders.

GDQ is no stranger to charity work in the gaming world. The 24/7 speedrunning marathon is a bi-annual event focused on raising money for charity while watching the world’s fastest playthroughs of all types of games. While these bigger events often get the more attention, AGDQ also host a variety of smaller events throughout the year also aimed at showcasing speedruns. With COVID-19, their Summer event had to move to a virtual format but it still generated a massive audience hitting 9.9M hours watched and peaked at 107K viewers. AGDQ and the speedrunning community continue to be leaders and role models for gaming events.

  • The Final Fantasy 7 remake content had the longest airtime of almost 7 hours during the event. Over that time, viewers aggregated 339K hours watched.
  • Peak viewership of the event happened during the Minecraft speedrun, hitting over 107K viewers for a decade-old game.
  • Even with 6 straight days of 24-hour streams, the event was able to maintain an average audience of almost 62K viewers