WoW Shadowlands was the second most popular expansion in the games history.

World of Warcraft is back with another expansion, continuing to bring content to the game initially released in 2004. The 8th expansion pack, Shadowlands, comes with new zones, a new player hub, and a bunch of new features and content for players to dive into. Streamers immediately took to the new expansion and were able to generate massive viewership propelling World of Warcraft to the fourth most watched game last week with over 30M hours watched. While the elevated success may not be sustainable, World of Warcraft seems to always rise to the top with the release of new content. Shadowlands has become the second most popular WoW expansion since the game’s launch only behind the re-release of Classic WoW in 2019.

  • Shadowlands lifted WoW to reach over 1M peak viewers during its launch week; one of only three games to break that barrier last week.
  • Asmongold generated the most Shadowlands hours watched with about 3M hours, or 10%, of the total viewership.
  • Either Asmongold or sodapoppin have been the top World of Warcraft streamer for each of the past four expansions.