2023 Streaming Elite: Top 10 Creators by Average Viewers

2023 was a year marked by incredible content and charismatic personalities across the live-streaming landscape. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 creators of 2023 based on average viewers. This metric shows the dedication and loyalty of the streamers’ audiences tuning in stream after stream.

As expected, most of the top creators streamed on Twitch, however several Kick and YouTube streamers made it into the top as the platforms compete for viewership.

Spanish-speaking creators are driving the growth of the Hispanic community. With 4 creators, this community continues to grow as a strong audience in the live streaming industry.


At the top is Ibai, with an average of 77K viewers. 2023 was a record year for him, marked by the phenomenal “La Velada del Año 3”, the Kings and Queens Leagues, and exclusive co-streaming rights for co-streaming major League of Legends tournaments


In second place is PaulinhoLOKObr, the Brazilian icon, who averaged 63K viewers. His unique GTA Roleplay streams and engaging personality have helped him build a solid community on Twitch.


KaiCenat claims the third spot with 62K average viewers. His Mafiathon broke subscriber records, and his streams featuring celebrities and unique concepts like a 7-day ‘jail’ stream have made his 2023 unforgettable.


AdinRoss takes fourth place with 55K average viewers. His early year collaborations with controversial personality Andrew Tate and a shift to Kick brought him under the internet spotlight.


Auronplay, with 53K average viewers, holds the fifth position, despite taking a break from streaming for a couple of months during 2023. He was the host of “Minecraft Extremo,” the hardcore Minecraft survival series that premiered at the beginning of the year. Additionally, Auronplay participated in many creator-led events and tournaments.


Elspreen, with 46K average viewers in 2023, is known for his engaging streams and strong audience connections, particularly through Minecraft series and various creator-led events.


xQc lands at number 7 with 45K average viewers, expanding his reach this year by also streaming on Kick, diversifying his content and audience. xQc’s number comes from compiling the averages of both his Twitch and Kick streams, as he went live on both channels throughout 2023.


With 42K average viewers IShowSpeed was the only YouTube streamer on the list. Known for his passionate FIFA streams, he went viral multiple times in 2023 for his energetic presence and eccentric experiments while streaming.


Illojuan averaged 38K viewers, celebrated for his entertaining variety streams, making him a top figure in the Hispanic streaming community. His charisma stands out even among the top streamers within this community, and earned him the spot as red carpet host for the Latin Grammys in 2023.


Nix, with 37K average viewers, is recognized for his insightful Dota 2 esports scene co-streams, covering all major tournaments.

As we reflect on 2023, these creators have entertained and shaped the streaming landscape. Their influence extends beyond their channels, setting trends and defining what it means to be a successful content creator in today’s digital world.

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