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Top 10 Female Streamers for April 2024

The top female streamers for April are taking bigger chances with new content than male streamers, pushing themselves to collaborate together and raising the viewership of female streamers as a whole. With IRL content continuing to prove successful for female streamers, one Korean streamer also broke into the top 10 for the first time with beauty content.


Emiru held onto the #1 spot for April with an average minute viewership (AMA) of 20K – a 2K increase from her performance in March. Emiru’s cosplay collaboration streams with Valkyrae and Pokimane helped draw in new viewers to the channel, showcasing her talents. Rumble Club was also a big hit, as Emiru helped promote the new game by OTK’s publishing arm Mad Mushroom during the Streamer Showdown.


Rivers_gg remains the most popular Spanish-speaking female Twitch streamer with an AMA of 13K, dropping 3K from March. Her content is diverse, showing her fan’s dedication as they follow her to games from Mario Party to Plants vs. Zombies. Rivers_gg is still focusing on football content, with her reactions to the Kings League finals generating her highest viewership for April.


Valkyrae continues to hold her ground as the top female YouTube streamer with an AMA of 12.5K. Her GTA V RP’s are the primary focus of her streams, maintaining her loyal following. But Valkyrae has branched out into more IRL content, such as her charity stream in which she visited the Alveus Sanctuary to learn more about wildlife protection. Thanks to this combo of time-tested content and new collaborations, Valkyrae brought in 1.5M hours watched – the highest for any female streamer.


Along with rivers_gg, alondrissa is the only other Spanish-speaking streamer on this list, pulling in an AMA of just under 12K. Apart from hopping on the GTA V bandwagon, alondrissa spends most of her streams collaborating with other streamers such as CrystalMolly in podcast-style discussions. Her “Movie Night” streams are a particular favorite among fans, creating a cozy, bubbly atmosphere while chatting with friends.


Kyedae continued to pull in a loyal viewership in April, bringing an AMA of 10K. With March’s  VCT Masters Madrid finished, however, this still marked a drop in AMA of 6K. Regardless, Kyedae has continued to focus almost exclusively on VALORANT streams. The VCT Masters Americas also provided ample content for Kyedae to comment on in April


Pokimane remains in the top 10 after streaming again on Twitch, hitting an AMA for April of just under 10K. Her frequent collaborations (such as the aforementioned cosplaying streams with Emiru) are popular among fans, whilst her competitive VALORANT gameplay is the core of her content. Pokimane’s most popular content for the month, however, saw her branching out into PUBG Mobile for the PlayGalaxy Cup: Americas bootcamp.


한갱 (Woo Han-kyung) is the first new entrant into the top 10 female streamers for April, coming in with an AMA of 8.5K. As the only Korean streamer on this list, 한갱 carved her path to popularity through modeling, cosplay, and vlogging content on Twitch before switching purely to Chzzk and AfreecaTV. 한갱 is known as an “ulzzang” – a type of model known for their particularly attractive faces.


BotezLive are two sisters with radically different content to any of the other streamers on this list: They almost exclusively play chess. In a style reminiscent of the TV series The Queen’s Gambit, the two sisters take a sophisticated approach to their channel’s marketing while also branching out into similar intellectual old-fashioned games like poker. April saw BotezLive buoying their viewership with coverage of the world’s biggest annual chess tournament, the Candidates Tournament.


ExtraEmily has continued her winning combination of Elden Ring and IRL content in April, bringing in an AMA of 7.5K. Collaborating with other streamers like Fuslie and QTCinderella has broadened her viewership, leaving behind the gaming chair to try fun new activities like fire breathing. ExtraEmily did get in trouble for trespassing, however, when one of her IRL stunts resulted in chasing an AirTag onto private property.


Maya, AKA Maya Higa, rounds out the top 10 with an AMA of 7K. Maya focuses on wildlife protection and environmentally-conscious content, running her own animal sanctuary. Her presence in the top 10 is to be expected, given that she collaborated with two other other top 10 female streamers on their biggest streams: Valkyrae and Pokimane. This megastar collab boosted the viewership of all three streamers, including others such as Fuslie.

This spirit of collaboration continues to fuel female streamers’ rise to prominence. Emiru backing the release of Rumble Club is a promising step forward for creator-led publishing, while Maya’s wildlife awareness initiative is proving viewers also value wholesome content in live streaming. Stream Hatchet will watch as new events in this sphere are announced.

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