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Top 10 Female Streamers for February

With International Women’s Day coming up on the 8th of March, it’s the perfect time to shine a spotlight on some of the top female streamers for February making waves in streaming. These women prove that gaming and streaming aren’t male-led disciplines, creating some of the most entertaining content online while shaping the industry.


February is always a big month for QTCinderella as founder of the Streamer Awards, and 2024 was no exception. Thanks to the Awards, she hit a massive peak viewership of 294K, around five times higher than Emiru in second place. Although QTCinderella faced controversy amidst scam accusations in early February, she held her nerve and overturned an incredibly brief 41 minute ban on Twitch while cruising to an average minute viewership (AMA) of 25K. 


Emiru continues her streaming dominance with regular League of Legends and cosplay content, garnering an AMA of 21K for February. Building upon this foundation, Emiru has been branching out into darker content such as Resident Evil: Village and Elden Ring. Hopefully this means we can expect Emiru to play through the new Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring when it releases in June.


As the Spanish-speaking female streamer with the highest AMA (15K), rivers_gg enjoying her content lately and focusing on the Kings and Queens League with her team PIO FC. Moreover, her Just Chatting and Minecraft streams are frequent favorites of her audience.


Collaborating with Emiru under the OTK Network banner has seen ExtraEmily rising high on the top streamer charts, reaching #4 for February. Their IRL sandwich shop stream on the 28th of February was a massive hit, showcasing ExtraEmily’s talents in entertaining live while stirring up a discussion over work stress for streamers.


Valkyrae has been a mainstay in the streaming community, riding the waves through streamer houses with big collaborators like Pokimane. This February she brought in an AMA of 12K with her streams on YouTube Gaming, making her the most watched female streamer on the platform.


Kyedae has put in the work this February, holding the highest airtime among female streamers with 150 hours streamed. Her hard work is paying off as well: Thanks to her continued dedication to VALORANT, Kyedae has remained popular even after parting with gaming organization 100 Thieves in January of this year.


Asianbunnyx is the queen of variety, constantly mixing up her content to keep fans on their toes. With her upbeat social experiment style content and self-described off-the-wall Floridian personality, asianbunnyx has made her first appearance in the top 10 female streamers. She is also one of the few creators making workout-centric content viable on Twitch.


Fuslie has been turning herself from streamer into icon, continuing her expansion into the music industry and building upon the singles she has released over the past few years. This month, she collaborated with Valkyrae and Ylona Garcia to create the music video for 100 Thieves’ “Echoes”. Fans are rallying behind the content creators, drumming up hype for future collaborations.


Kyootbot struck gold when she started using her e-date format on Twitch, connecting to random users to create hilariously awkward content for her fans. With sites like Omegle having shut down, Kyootbot is filling the gap and giving viewers the same dose of unpredictable social drama they used to find on other platforms. This strategy has proven highly successful pulling in 577K hours watched for February.


Biyin_ is one of the few big female streamers jumping on the GTA V roleplay bandwagon. Thankfully she still stays true to her roots however, creating content that focuses on her grunge-inspired fashion style and edgy persona.

With such an incredible field of talent, the top female streamers for February are stronger than ever. It seems that collaborations and building upon streaming success with content like music videos are the keys to success for many of these creators. Stream Hatchet is looking forward to taking a more in-depth look at female creators for International Women’s Day this Friday.

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