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Top Games in Live-Streaming: March 2024

Across the top 100 games being streamed in March, viewership rose by a massive 203M hours watched – up 13% from February. New disruptors are siphoning off viewership from the most popular games on streaming platforms, causing mainstays of the industry to drop out of the top games for March 2024.

One such disruptor was Supermarket Simulator, a simple game that puts the player in the shoes of a supermarket manager as they build their business. Supermarket Simulator’s success was phenomenal, rocketing to the second best debut week for any “Simulator” game. Supermarket Simulator was able to secure the 21st spot on March’s top 100 games list with 20M hours watched – impressive considering the game’s launch viewership was accounted for back in February.

One of the titans of streaming popularity, Minecraft, dropped out of the top 10 games for the first time in a while, sinking down to 11th place. Minecraft has been steadily losing viewership over the past year or so due to rising competition from other sandbox builders like Roblox and lack of new content. However, the community is still active and passionate, with modders introducing beautiful graphics via shaders to completely transform Minecraft’s blocky aesthetic into scenic vistas.

Mobile Games Rise Up the Charts, Led by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang found itself in the top 10 games after a brief absence. The hours watched for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang jumped by 171% from February to March, increasing from 21M to 58M. Season 13 of the MPL in Indonesia is largely responsible for this bump in demand from viewers, with coverage being provided by popular local streamers like R7 Tatsumaki. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has also been a favorite among female esports players – the 2023 SEA Women’s Tournament, for example, brought in a peak viewership of almost 1M.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is just one example of mobile games rising up the ladder. Another mobile MOBA, Arena of Valor, rose 142% to 14M hours watched in March. Meanwhile, Brawl Stars had a great month with a surge in hours watched of 127%. No doubt this was due to the 2024 Brawl Stars Championship Finals, but ibai featuring Brawl Stars on stream also helped bring attention to the mobile game. Lastly, mobile auto-battlers are also growing more popular among casual gamers, with Teamfight Tactics breaking into the top 20 games and the new game Backpack Battles entering the top 100.

March’s Slate of New RPGs Kept Viewers on Streaming Platforms

March was a big month for RPGs, with many new titles and remakes allowing creators and fans alike to dive back into familiar worlds or explore new ones. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth released on the 29th of February, generating 14M hours watched across March whilst reminding publishers of the power of remakes for streaming success. Nostalgia extends even to titles without remakes, as fans revisited Dark Souls 3 content with 83% growth from February.

The big RPG success story of the month, however, came right at the end. Releasing on the 22nd of March, Dragon’s Dogma 2 pulled in 21M hours watched over the last 10 days of the month. The game was much hyped after a 12 year wait since the original Dragon’s Dogma, but it remains to be seen if the game has sustainable franchise potential.

Of course, these are just a few of the highlights from March. Here are the top 20 games, and their rank changes from February:

GameRankHours Watched MarHours Watched Feb%ChangeRank Change
Grand Theft Auto V1182,106,250185,349,064-1.7%0
League of Legends2165,973,055183,155,233-9.4%0
Counter-Strike3128,931,69699,681,73629.3%▲ 1
VALORANT4125,533,655108,686,47015.5%▼ 1
Dota 2659,694,03553,304,93712.0%0
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang757,680,05721,274,707171.1%▲ 12
Garena Free Fire843,973,71537,310,30617.9%▲ 2
Call of Duty: Warzone942,257,29147,944,626-11.9%▼ 1
Apex Legends1041,088,95742,477,184-3.3%▼ 1
Minecraft1138,176,69450,970,118-25.1%▼ 4
PUBG Mobile1230,332,15023,435,32829.4%▲ 4
Overwatch 21329,973,90321,964,53336.5%▲ 5
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege1428,051,61926,849,3864.5%▼ 2
PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS1526,243,55623,476,61411.8%0
World of Warcraft1624,695,82724,633,9830.3%▼ 3
EA Sports FC 241724,255,69222,772,0296.5%0
Dead by Daylight1824,196,95419,987,85721.1%▲ 2
Teamfight Tactics1922,802,53014,663,48355.5%▲ 8
Dragon’s Dogma II2021,469,19731N/ANew Game

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