Top Apparel Brands February 2023

Apparel brands are showing signs of popularity in live streaming. 


The most mentioned apparel brand in February is Gucci. During February Gucci garnered over 116K chat mentions on Twitch owning 1/5th of the total mentions for all apparel brands on Twitch. 

As Twitch begins to diversify their creators and influencers who broadcast on the platform, we have begun to see new audiences become a part of the Twitch community. Many Influencers who have come onto Twitch are selling a luxury lifestyle where they drive nice cars, live in expensive houses, and have nice jewelry. This is a great audience for Gucci who is a luxury apparel brand based in Italy. Gucci is reported to be the 4th most valuable luxury brand in the world with many young adults recognizing “Gucci” as synonymous with great. 


Nike ranked #2 among apparel brands in February. The world’s largest athletic apparel company generated 64K brand mentions on Twitch in February with the majority of these mentions coming from Twitch streamer Kai Cenat’s chat. 

Many of Kai’s chatters mentioned the blue Nike Tech outfit that somebody was wearing during his IRL live stream in Universal Studios. This organic spike in chat mentions is an indicator that Kai Cenat’s audience has a very high affinity with the Nike brand. 


Supreme ranked #3 among top apparel brands in February. The streetwear brand was able to generate 43K mentions last month. Supreme started off as an American skateboarding apparel brand, but in the last few years has transitioned to an affordable luxury brand. Along with Gucci, Supreme’s popularity in the gaming space has continued to increase as influencers began taking interest in luxury goods. 


Footwear brand Crocs came in at #4 for February’s most talked about apparel brands. Crocs was able to garner 39K Twitch chat mentions last month. While some of the chat mentions leave mixed reviews, Crocs have continued to grow in popularity on streaming platforms like Twitch which continues to expand their teenage audience.

Most of the mentions of the Crocs brand last month also came from KaiCenat’s channel during an IRL moment from his subathon. While this was most likely an organic appearance by the brand, brands should take note of the impact a brief product placement can have on screen. 


Adidas rounds out our list ranking #5 among apparel brands in February. The German sportswear apparel brand generated 27K Twitch chat mentions last month. According to YouGov, Adidas was ranked as the #3 most popular clothing & footwear brands during Q4 2022 for Millenials. For context, Nike was ranked #4 and Under Armour was ranked #11.

Recently Adidas made news in February regarding their surplus inventory of Unsold Yeezys. Due to the turbulence the company is experiencing with the creator of the Yeezy brand, Kanye West, the distribution of Yeezys have had a negative impact on Adidas as a whole. However, it appears that the Twitch community still perceives Adidas as a major apparel brand regardless of the negative press. 

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