April’s top gaming activations came from some of the biggest streamers on Twitch, IlloJuan, zackrawrr (Asmongold), and Doublelift. 

Disney- Speedstorm

The top activation in live streaming was Spanish-speaking streamer Illojuan’s activation with Disney to promote their upcoming racing game, Speedstorm. The activation generated 185K hours watched and reached a peak viewership of 43.8K viewers during the streaming session. 

Disney’s Speedstorm is a racing game akin to the classic Mario Kart series. The game is filled with iconic Disney characters, creative Disney inspired maps, and items that add a little more chaos to your racing experience. Having a massive Spanish-speaking creator like IlloJuan play your game for their audience is a great way to not only introduce your game to thousands of viewers, but also expands your global reach outside of the US market.  

Odyssey Interactive – Omega Strikers

The runner up for top gaming activations was between Odyssey Interactive and zackrawrr who is better known as Asmongold. These two partnered together to promote Odyssey Interactive’s free-to-play sports game Omega Strikers. The activation generated 135K hours watched and reached a peak viewership of 27.6K viewers. 

The Omega Strikers campaign brought a fun way to show off a new game to multiple audiences through competition. By partnering with streamers with different audiences like Asmongold, fps_shaka, Ludwig, and Alpharad, Omega Strikers has been able to reach many more potential players than targeting just the footbrawler community. They also were able to generate viewer interest by allowing the streamer communities to represent and compete against each other by earning points for their favorite streamer. This level of community involvement is a great way to break the initial barrier many viewers have before trying a new game. 

Logitech – League of Legends Collection

The activation between Logitech and Doublelift was the third largest gaming activation in April. The activation occurred during Doublelift’s co-stream of the LCS Spring Finals which generated 62K hours watched and peaked at 18K viewers. During the activation Doublelift promoted the Logitech G League of Legends Collection which includes a keyboard, mouse, headset, and mouse pad with custom league of legends designs. 
Activations around gaming hardware have always performed well in live streaming, especially when partnered between massive brands like League of Legends, or Iconic players like Doublelift. Another example of how massive these types of activations can be is the Tenz x Finalmouse collab which according to Dexerto made $7 million in one day.