Twitch Leads Battle Royale Viewership

Tl;dr: Over 50% of the Battle Royale viewership on western platforms in Feb '21 was produced on Twitch.
BR Viewership Feb '21

For the past three years, the Battle Royale genre has captivated live streaming audiences on Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. However, Twitch has largely dominated the category as of late leading battle royale viewership in February. Popular BR titles like Fortnite and PUBG have managed to sustain respectable audiences and player bases for multiple years. Activision / Blizzard and Electronic Arts have followed the trend and sustain sizable audiences around Call Of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends.

Although game genres often come and go, the battle royale genres has cemented itself as one of the giants. Battle royale viewership has increased over the past few years and looks to continue to grow with more titles venturing into the genre. Even Halo will join the category if rumors about upcoming launch is true, pushing more eyeballs to the genre. This year will likely be another great year for battle royales if the first two months are any indication.

This week, our insights examine a cut of streaming activity in February 2021:

Twitch generates over 1/2 of battle royale live stream viewership:
  • Last month, Twitch viewers watched over 275 million hours of battle royale game play. The remaining 264M hours of content split fairly evenly between Facebook and YouTube Gaming. 

Mobile Gaming Audiences are concentrated heavily around Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming:
  • Only 6% of the watch hours of the top two mobile battle royale games originate from Twitch. YouTube (36%) and Facebook Gaming (58%) account for a combined 204M live stream hours watched.

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