League of Legends: Wild Rift has been out for over a year and a half and has seen some great success among casual and esports viewership on live streaming platforms. At its peak in April 2021, the game saw 6.5 million total hours watched.

January of this year saw the lowest viewership of the mobile game, with under a million hours watched across live streaming platforms. Esports made up about one tenth of that number. However, since then, Wild Rift esports viewership has been steadily increasing. It peaked at 1 million hours watched in both March and April this year. For the first part of the year, esports made up, on average, about a quarter of all Wild Rift viewership. 

From January to May of this year, 21 Wild Rift esports events have taken place. They’ve garnered over 3.2 million hours watched with 1,700 hours of airtime. One reason for the increased viewership in recent months is many tournaments coming to a close in the spring. Playoffs and championship matches always garner the most viewership, so March and April saw a boost in numbers.

Many Wild Rift esports events take place in Latin America and Southeast Asia, with much success. Wild Tour Brasil and WCK in South Korea were the most popular events this year so far. They each garnered about a half million hours watched each. The North America Series 2022 Season 1 Regional Championships took place in person at the Mall of America in Minnesota in April. Hosted by Wisdom Gaming, the event was a first for the community and helped boost viewership and interest regionally. 

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