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YouTube VOD Analytics for Gaming: New Stream Hatchet Tool

Stream Hatchet has launched a new tool for YouTube Video on Demand (VOD) analytics. The tool is perfect for marketers, brand managers, game publishers, and anyone interested in monitoring statistics from YouTube Gaming VODs. 

A Database of Unmatched Scale

With a vast database of videos from the Gaming category, users can search through over 100 million videos from over 50,000 gaming creators. This vast repository is a treasure trove for anyone looking to dive deep into the world of gaming videos, offering a comprehensive overview and detailed analysis that was previously unattainable.

Analyze Your Custom Group’s Performance

Utilize your custom groups of influencers already created in the Stream Hatchet app to easily analyze videos in bulk from your creator teams. Just select your custom group and set the desired time frame, and the statistics will populate.

Track YouTube VOD performance in real-time for easy monitoring, optimization, and performance reporting of your marketing campaigns.

Sort the results by views, likes, or comments, and easily export your results in Excel, CSV, PDF, or image formats.

Discover New Talent

Looking to see who’s making content about your video game? Utilize the Discovery Feature to find videos and creators easily. Filter videos by game played, franchise of the game, or text in the video title or description to see the top videos on YouTube. Launching some DLC or a new chapter of your game? Find the best VOD creators to reach out to for your influencer program.

Advanced Filtering Capabilities

What sets our tool apart is its robust filtering capabilities. Filter your search based on a range of critical metrics, including video views, channel subscribers, and channel country. In addition, this level of granularity allows for highly targeted analysis, enabling you to hone in on specific segments of the gaming community that align with your strategic goals.

Our new YouTube VOD Analysis Tool is supercharged for brands, agencies, publishers, and others working with creators on the video platform. Whether it’s for influencer campaigns, talent scouting, or market research, the depth of our data is an invaluable asset.

Want to try it out for free? Reach out for a quick demo and trial of our all of Stream Hatchet’s offerings:

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