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AdinRoss and Playboi Carti’s Stream Makes Up 64% of Kick Viewership

On February 5th, 2024, AdinRoss announced to his viewers that rapper Playboi Carti would be attending his Kick stream. Fans flocked to Adin’s channel, with the stream generating an average viewership of 349K and capturing 64% of Kick’s average minute audience (AMA) for the day. The platform’s total AMA for the day was 544K. This highlights the potential for celebrity collaborations to attract massive audiences, as well as how Kick is using these strategies to draw in viewers.

Record-Breaking Numbers on Kick

The AdinRoss and Playboi Carti stream saw a 5.6x increase in viewership from AdinRoss’s stream the previous day. Such a spike is a testament to the compelling draw of high-profile collaborations in the streaming domain. With a peak at 485K viewers, this event became the 4th top stream by peak viewers on Kick since the platform began recording data on March 25th, 2023.

Notably, the stream was sponsored by Kick itself, with Playboi Carti reportedly receiving $2 million and a Ferrari for a few hours of his time. Despite the rapper only joining for less than 10 minutes, the financial and promotional strategy behind this move speaks volumes about the evolving landscape of content creation and sponsorship. It underscores the lengths to which platforms and creators are willing to go to capture audience attention and set new benchmarks in viewer engagement.

AdinRoss’s Streaming Journey

Since his ban from Twitch and subsequent move to Kick in April 2023, AdinRoss has maintained a consistent presence on the platform. His monthly average viewership hovers around 56K, demonstrating a stable and engaged audience base. This level of consistency is crucial for long-term success in the volatile world of live-streaming, where audience preferences can shift rapidly.

In January, AdinRoss’s Kick channel emerged as the second-biggest channel across major streaming platforms, including Twitch and YouTube Gaming, based on the average minute audience. With 56K average viewers, he was just behind the Twitch channel Jynxzi, which boasted an average of 69K viewers during the month. This ranking is a significant achievement, illustrating AdinRoss’s broad appeal and the effective migration of his fanbase from Twitch to Kick.

Live Streaming Industry Implications

The AdinRoss and Playboi Carti stream exemplifies the growing trend of leveraging celebrity appearances to boost viewership and platform prominence. This event not only benefited the involved parties but also served as a case study for the potential of strategic collaborations in live streaming. 

For Kick, hosting one of the top streams in its history solidifies its position as a competitive force in the industry, capable of attracting and sustaining high-profile content. It serves to question, however, if the platform can maintain this kind of popularity with short, one-off celebrity cameos – will these tactics allow Kick to continue to grow and pose a threat to the entrenched platforms Twitch and YouTube?

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