#Ads of the Week: September 13th – 19th, 2021

Tl;dr: The latest #Ads of the Week featuring Mizkif and GTAWiseGuy in partnership with Compare.com and NordVPN!

In the most recent #Ads of the Week, Mizkif was back on top following a charity stream partnered with Compare.com and Games For Love. Mizkif and a few other OTK streamers raised money for the charity via an IRL boat stream. Viewers that donated were eligible to win giveaways like in past charitable events by Compare.com and Games For Love. Softgiving, the charitable events company that helped plan the event, have developed campaigns to work with streamers to benefit charitable causes. Asmongold, another OTK member, has hosted various charitable streams benefiting Games For Love through the help of Softgiving.

Working with the live streaming market has created the modern-day telethon. Instead of listeners calling in to make donations to various causes, viewers also get entertainment and a chance at prizes. Over the course of all their events, OTK members have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Games For Love.

Next, GTAWiseGuy was back again with a few more NordVPN sponsored streams. The content consisted of GTA V gameplay on the NoPixel RP server on which GTAWiseGuy is a developer. VPNs have been increasingly popular among gamers looking to experience different global servers.

Mizkif x Compare.com

  • The charitable stream resulted in over 123K hours watched with a peak of nearly 37K viewers!

GTAWiseGuy x NordVPN

  • Combined, the two sponsored streams reached 205K hours watched while averaging 9K viewers.

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