This week’s #Ads of the Week saw some new additions to the leaderboard, including 2 female streamers and 1 VTuber. 

In the number one spot this week was fuslie with her partnership with HyperX. Her sponsored stream with them garnered 73,000 hours watched. The 100 Thieves member has been streaming almost exclusively on the extremely popular No Pixel GTA V roleplay server, playing as her character, April Fooze. 

HyperX has been extremely active with their sponsorships on Twitch, coming in at #11 for overall brand logo presence on the platform in March of this year. Their logo appearances made up 2.12% of the total logo exposures on Twitch last month across all brands. For gaming peripheral brands, HyperX came in 2nd last month, behind only Logitech whose logo presence makes up about 42% of that market. 

In second place is knut with his sponsored stream with Genshin Impact, which garnered 48,000 hours watched. In addition to gaming, Norwegian streamer is popular for his bodybuilding streams, taking viewers with him to the gym to workout. His recent sponsorship with Genshin Impact took place during a subathon, where he promised to shave his head if he reached 500 downloads of the game.

Genshin Impact is a game rising in live streaming popularity. Last month, it came in at #5 for peak concurrent viewers, with over 800,000 peak CCV. That number jumped over 240% from January of this year, when the game had about 236,000 peak concurrents. Core viewers of the game, those who watch at least 10 hours a month, tend to mostly watch non-gaming categories aside from Genshin Impact. Almost 40% of core Genshin viewers also watch Just Chatting streams and over 10% watch the Art category.

In third place this week is veibae with her sponsored stream from Elden Ring, which garnered 39,000 hours watched. Veibae is the first VTuber to make our #Ads of the Week leaderboard! Elden Ring has been her second most popular streaming category, just after Just Chatting. This year she already has over half a million hours watched on Elden Ring alone. 

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