#Ads of the Week: Asmongold & ludwig

Tl;dr: Asmongold hosted an incredibly successful charity stream and ludwig is still streaming 8 days later.
AOTW 3-22 | Asmongold & ludwig

The latest #Ads of the Week feature an incredible charity stream and an extensive subathon. Asmongold is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch so it’s no surprise his charity stream was wildly successful. In 9 hours, his community raised over $371K dollars for Games For Love in partnership with Compare Insurance. The charity provides consoles and games for children’s hospitals across the world. The event was made possible with help from Softgiving, a charity event organizer who brought Asmongold and Games For Love together while processing the donations from the stream. Asmongold leveraged his platform to create a positive impact, something we’ve seen many other streamers do as well. For example, DrLupo often hosts charity streams for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and has raised millions of dollars over the past few years. While the opportunity to help those in need is wonderful, there was also a giveaway incentive to increase potential viewership and donations. Every viewer that donated to the charity during the stream was entered into a raffle to win a gaming chair, PS5, a replica sword, and more. Brands often neglect an incentive based campaign but Asmongold, Games For Love, and Compare Insurance hit it out of the park.

Another popular streamer, ludwig, has recently made headlines for his subathon stream. The goal of the stream was to generate more subscribers for his channel via a extended stream with an incentive for viewers to subscribe. For every new sub, ludwig would extend the duration of his stream by 10 seconds. At the time of writing, ludwig has been streaming for 8 continuous days. He has now amassed close to 100K total subscribers on his channel and still has a timer of 54 hours left. However, viewers keep subscribing to boost that timer and extend the marathon stream even further. Brands have jumped all over this opportunity to reach target audiences and produce an easy viewership ROI. SIMPLE Mobile took it a step further with their Dial A Fan campaign in which viewers had a chance to win a phone call with ludwig. Stay tuned for more data regarding ludwig’s historic subathon!

Asmongold x Compare Insurance
  • Asmongold’s charity stream reached 465K hours watched while averaging 51K viewers! Huge congrats to his community for participating in the event.

ludwig x SIMPLE Mobile
  • ludwig’s SIMPLE Mobile 3-hour segment generated 166K hours watched with a peak of 59K viewers.

ludwig x Firehouse Subs
  • The Firehouse Subs segment of ludwig’s subathon produced 111K hours watched and 55K average viewers over the course of 2 hours.

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