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#Ads of the Week: August 17th – August 23rd

TL;DR: TimTheTatman dominated sponsored segments last week after partnering with Rogue Company and LG.

TimTheTatman almost swept the newest edition of #ads of the week. His sponsored streams with endemic companies easily took the top two spots while DansGaming finished third with a State Farm activation. The continued success of big streamers and endemic sponsors will likely carry on as this is the third week in a row that companies heavily involved in gaming are at the top of the list. Rogue Company and LG were able to showcase their new game and product directly to Tim’s audience; both of which generated incredible viewership. Marketing to streaming audiences has never been easier but choosing the right streamer and activation plan are essential to a successful campaign. TimTheTatman and DansGaming clearly have the perfect content, attitude, and audiences for sponsored segments.

TimTheTatman x Rogue Company

  • Rogue Company, a new third-person tactical shooter, has been getting some attention on streaming platforms after its beta release on July 20, 2020.
  • Following up on the organic interest, Rogue Company partnered with TimTheTatman for a 4-hour segment to stream the new game. The #ad generated 226K hours watched with an average audience of over 54K viewers.

TimTheTatman x LG

  • LG worked with Tim to promote their new Ultragear monitor complete with a command in the channel during the segment. The #ad came at the perfect time as Tim’s Fall Guys fails had the entire streaming world watching.
  • During the glorious Fall Guys misadventures, LG’s sponsored segment with TimTheTatman lasted 2 hours but reached an average of 82K viewers. In total, the stream accumulated about 177K hours watched.

DansGaming x State Farm

  • State Farm was back with another sponsored streamed for a charitable cause. This time around, all donations during the segment went to Feeding America to help support those in need of hunger-relief.
  • DansGaming was able to reach 107K hours watched with an average audience of 46K viewers. More importantly, the charity stream raised over $16K in just over 2 hours for Feeding America!

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