Gillette partnered with alanzoka to produce the top #ad of the week with Chipotle and NordVPN activations not far behind.

In this edition of #Ads of the Week, Gillette, Chipotle, and NordVPN partnered with Twitch streamers to generate the most hours watched of all activations on the platform. Leveraging the content of alanzoka, HusKerrs, and AnthonyZ, these brands were able to reach a steady audience.

alanzoka x Gillette

  • alanzoka is part of the Gillette Gaming Allegience, the company’s program dedicated to the gaming industry.
  • The #ad ran while the Portuguese streamer was playing VALORANT and generated about 75k hours watched over a 2.5 hour window – averaging about 30k viewers.

HusKerrs x Chipotle

  • HusKerrs was participating in Qualifier 4 of the second Warzone Chipotle Challenger Series during the #ad on June 12th.
  • The stream was responsible for 62k hours watched with almost 34k average viewers over the course of about 2 hours.

AnthonyZ x NordVPN

  • Although AnthonyZ may have only averaged just above 3k viewers during the activation, the #ad stream aired for almost 15 hours – generating 50k hours watched in total.
  • The GTA V role play content is still popular enough to propel AnthonyZ into this week’s #Ads of the Week.