#Ads of the Week: Myth, LuluLuvely, and jakenbakeLIVE

Tl;dr: Myth, LuluLuvely, and jakenbakeLIVE partnered with TurboTax, Aimlabs, and 7Eleven for unique campaigns.

The latest #Ads of the Week features a mix of brands both endemic and new to the gaming and live streaming industry. TurboTax, in partnership with Myth, ran the second tax-focused campaign over the past few weeks; following H&R Block’s recent activation. Tax season is coming up and several companies are trying to leverage their reach with the young adult audience via live streaming platforms. The segments answering tax questions from the various campaigns are often helpful for those watching. TurboTax might be positioning themselves to become more endemic to the scene after catapulting off of tax season around their campaign.

Aimlab, on the other hand, is already endemic as one of the premier aim training programs. LuluLuvely worked with Aimlab for a sponsored stream promoting the program. Working with LuluLuvely is a no-brainer because she is one of the prominent FPS streamers on Twitch primarily playing Apex Legends. Lastly, jakenbakeLIVE teamed with 7-Eleven for a unique promotion of the 7NOW app. The convenience store brand is aiming to compete with food delivery services via an in-house service. What better place than to promote their new release than live streaming platforms for the gaming audience? Grubhub, DoorDash, and others have already seen great success with their campaigns targeting gamers.

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Myth x TurboTax

  • Myth’s sponsored segment generated 105K hours watched over the course of 4.5 hours. Myth also had the highest peak on the list with 46K viewers.

LuluLuvely x Aimlab

  • LuluLuvely’s Aimlab segment lasted 7.5 hours and reached 56K hours watched with a peak of 10K viewers.

jakenbakeLIVE x 7-Eleven

  • The 2 hour 7-Eleven stream averaged 22K viewers and produced 51K total hours watched.

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