#Ads of the Week: New World Closed Beta Dominates

Tl;dr: The latest #Ads of the Week featured sponsored streams from shroud and Fextralife in partnership with closed beta MMO, New World!
#Ads of the Week: July 19-25, 2021

This week’s #Ads of the Week was highlighted by one game: New World. The latest MMORPG is currently in closed beta but has generated huge interest from through gameplay trailers. The first official trailer released in 2019 at The Game Awards followed but other updates on game development since then. Currently, New World has produced 25 million hours watched in just 5 days of the closed beta thanks to popular streamer partnerships.

Legendary FPS streamer shroud has yet again ventured into the MMO scene with sponsored New World streams. The new game also leveraged Fextralife to reach an even larger audience through the video news and wiki network. Although this is only the closed beta, streamers are lobbying viewers to join their factions; possibly increasing the total player base of New World. Not only does this make for more engaging content for viewers to play alongside streamers, but New World is tactfully and passively creating demand for the game.

As covered in one of Stream Hatchet’s recent posts, MMOs are quickly growing and will likely continue to rise in popularity. New World is on pace to become one of the most watched games weekly if the hype can sustain throughout the closed beta and official release.

shroud x New World
  • New World content was a hit on shroud’s channel generating 231K hours watched and peaking at 35K viewers.
Fextralife x New World
  • Combined, Fextralife accounted for over 286K hours watched while averaging 25K viewers.

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