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#Ads of the Week: November 15th – 21st, 2021

The latest #Ads of the Week features familiar faces and accompanying brands. NICKMERCS, Rubius, SeatGeek, and Samsung have all made appearances in previous weeks. Live streaming will likely ramp up viewership heading into the holidays as schools and work take time off. This is the perfect opportunity for brands to reach their target audience in massive quantities.

NICKMERCS is back with another SeatGeek sponsored stream as the duo takes the top spot. Sports leagues like the NBA and MFL are in full swing so working with a sports fan like NICKMERCS is the perfect combination for SeatGeek to authentically reach the live streaming audience. Expect the partnered segments to ramp up as NFL playoffs approach and the NBA reaches mid season.

Rubius was fortuntae enough to run a sponsored stream for PUBG Mobile and Arcane, two of the hottest trends in gaming. PUBG Mobile has consistently been the most popular mobile title on live streaming platforms and their collaboration with the new Arcane series on Netflix catapults the campaign to the top of gaming news. Arcane characters like Jinx, Vi, and Jayce are now available as cosmetic skins in PUBG Mobile. Riot Games (the creators of the Arcane universe) are at the forefront of the gaming metaverse; so which collaboration is next on their list?

Lastly, former Call of Duty professional and now 100 Thieves content creator, Enable, ran a sponsored stream with Samsung. The segment was promoting the release of the new Samsung Neo QLED TV. This is the second consecutive week that a Samsung sponsored stream has made #Ads of the Week. Clearly, Samsung is ramping up marketing campaigns ahead of the holidays, especially targeting gamers who might need new monitors or TVs to play on.

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