#Ads of the Week: xQcOW, Trainwreckstv, & auronplay

Tl;dr: The latest top #Ads of the Week was led by xQcOW, Trainwreckstv, and auronplay in partnership with Stake and Enlisted.
#Ads of the Week: April 19-25

The most recent #Ads of the Week was championed by Stake and Enlisted in partnership with xQcOW, Trainwreckstv, and auronplay. Stake, a “crypto casino” using cryptocurrency for gambling, expanded their marketing campaign to the most watched streamer on Twitch with xQcOW. Gambling content on live streaming platforms has always been somewhat popular. Online slots are a common game played on stream but Stake is taking it to the next level. Viewers are tuning into gambling streams to watch blackjack, poker, and other card games. The audience on Twitch is already competitive and tech savvy which lends itself to crypto casinos. Stake could be in prime position to become a well-known name in the gaming community depending on their marketing strategy. A mass activation could lead them to become the new RAID: Shadow Legends – a known brand that has turned into a meme from their campaigns.

On the other hand, Stake could become the go-to online casino for gamers. The brand affinity from watching streamers like xQcOW and Trainwreckstv goes a long way in the current culture. Moving forward, gambling on stream could become the next big thing alongside Just Chatting. Live streaming continues to push beyond gaming but gambling could be a good bridge between gaming and other content. Check back in with Stream Hatchet in the upcoming weeks to see how gambling is succeeding on Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Enlisted secured the third spot in #Ads of the Week for the second consecutive week. The new FPS game replicates real-world war with large team matches and WW2 era gunplay. Spanish streamer auronplay was the latest to try the game following summit1g’s test run last week. While the market is currently saturated with FPS titles Enlisted could be a breakout game for the genre. However, it may need some strong marketing to get the attention of Warzone, Fortnite, and other FPS players.

xQcOW x Stake

  • The sponsored segment lasted 3 hours generating 355K hours watched and peaked at 124K viewers.

Trainwreckstv x Stake

  • The 15-hour sponsored stream reached 244K hours watched with a peak of 28K viewers. This was Trainwreckstv’s second consecutive Stake campaign to make the #Ads of the Week.

auronplay x Enlisted

  • auronplay’s sponsored stream with Enlisted produced 182K hours watched in 3.5 hours while averaging 52K viewers.

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