Twitch, YouTube and Facebook are typically the platforms that come to mind when marketers think of where to reach gaming audiences. While these platforms do represent the majority of streaming watch time (approximately 90%) there are more than twelve unique streaming platforms that have drawn sizable audiences for gaming and esports fans. has become popular in the live streaming market outside of the three main North American platforms. With over 715M hours watched, the platform is nearing 25% of Facebook Gaming’s viewership YTD.

This week, Stream Hatchet takes a look at the top seven disruptor platforms. Here are the insights: 

  • leads the pack: The South Korean based platform generated nearly half (43%) of the hours watched among the contenders. The monthly average hours watched was at least 2.5 times greater than the other platforms. 
  • Naver is experiencing substantial gains:, another South Korean platform has experienced strong increases in viewership in the last two months (roughly 4X it’s average during the first 6 months of this year). If it maintains its audience, Naver is likely to pass, making it the 6th most watched live streaming platform.

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