#Ads of the Week: Trymacs & LVNDMARK

Tl;dr: Trymacs and LevlUp led extremely successful sponsored streams with over 1.4M hours watched from two segments.

The latest live streaming #Ads of the Week were dominated by Trymacs in partnership with LevlUp, a German-based energy drink company. The streamer garnered a massive audience while opening Pok√©mon card packs; content that has been wildly popular as of late. Although the stream didn’t have any integration with LevlUp other than a shoutout in the stream title, the company still reached a segment with a peak of 272K viewers. Streamer LVNDMARK picked up third place with a Raid Shadow Legends segment. The mobile game has deployed campaigns across almost every aspect of the gaming and live streaming world to cast as wide of a net as possible. Consequently, Raid Shadow Legends has become a meme in the community because of the frequency of the ads.

Moving forward, brands may want to use LevlUp’s strategy of allowing the streamer to continue with their usual content. ALternatively, they could push them towards what’s currently trending to generate as much reach as possible. Additionally, finding a unique integration or incentive will likely pay dividends for lasting impressions.

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Trymacs x LevlUp

  • Trymacs and LevlUp partnered for two sponsored streams resulting in over 1.4M hours watched, a peak of 272K viewers, and an average of 140K viewers during the combined 10 hours of content.

LVNDMARK x Raid Shadow Legends

  • LVNDMARK reached 93K hours watched during the 7 hour stream peaking at 15K viewers.