Awesome Games Done Quick concluded last week with a whopping 9.3M hours watched on their Twitch channel during the week-long stream.

What is Awesome Games Done Quick

The multi day video game speedrunning charity event broadcast live on Twitch 24/7 from Jan 8th to Jan 15th. The marathon featured 150 different speedruns and raised a total of $2.6M in donations to support the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Live Streaming Stats

Over those 7 days the event was able to generate 9.3M hours watched and had a peak viewership of 90K people. Of all the games streamed that week, Final Fantasy VII had the highest watchtime with 460K hours watched. However, this was mostly due to FFVII having more airtime compared to all other games.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was able to generate a watchtime of 279K and have a peak viewership of 86K during the games speedrun where Jhay broke the world record for speedrunning the game. The record was broken during a race with fellow speedrunners HardcoreGaming, MutantsAbyss, and SuperViperT302.

Games Done Quick History

Awesome Games Done Quick & Summer Games Done Quick are the two event pillars run by Games Done Quick since 2010. Awesome Games Done Quick takes place every year in early January to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Society.

Summer Games Done Quick is hosted 5-6 months later to raise charity for Doctors Without Borders. Since Jan 2021, Awesome Games Done Quick has averaged 12.7M hours watched making this year the first that the event hasn’t reached 10M+ hours watched since the pandemic.
Charity in Live Streaming

Charity in Live Streaming

Live Streaming has been a very popular medium for charity events. This form of media has built a culture of supporting other communities and creators through subscriptions, memberships, and other forms of donating. Marathon streams are especially popular for events like this. Watching a creator or a community push themselves and showcase their talents tends to resonate with viewers, creating a much deeper connection, and a higher chance that they will support the creator.

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