Bitcoin Leads Twitch Chat Cryptocurrency Mentions

Tl;dr: The face of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is leading the conversation in crypto among Twitch viewers with over 350K mentions in chat last month.

There has been tons of buzz around cryptocurrencies in the past few months. While not all the talk has been positive, the trend of cryptocurrencies continues to grow online. Live streaming sites, like Twitch, have proven to be a popular forum to discuss the topic. 

Cardano, the second-most-mentioned crypto in chat, has gained substantial value. Cardano is an open-sourced, software-only project. xQcOW’s channel had 82 mentions of ADA in chat. This was mostly during his Grand Theft Auto V streams. A well-known phrase associated with Cardano is “Cardano to the moon” where investors joke the surge in growth will take the currency to the moon. There were 190 mentions of that phrase in the last 30 days and 301 mentions of “ada to the moon.”

Additionally, there are many reasons why people are interested in cryptocurrency. One of the biggest reasons is its lack of ties to any one government. Meaning, it has the potential to not be affected by economic problems in a specific country. However, this hasn’t stopped governments from attempted to regulate it. China has just announced it is banning financial institutions and payment companies from processing crypto likely causing an increase in chatter on Twitch.

  • Bitcoin has been the most talked-about cryptocurrency on Twitch. Over the past month, it had 356K mentions. xQcOW’s channel had the most mentions of Bitcoin at 775. 
  • The popularity of Bitcoin on Twitch may be attributed to the acceptance of the cryptocurrency as payment on the Amazon-owned live streaming site.
  • The growth of online crypto-casinos has also pumped the mentions of cryptocurrencies on live streaming sites. Popular streamers like xQcOW have held sponsored streams showcasing online gambling and, inevitably, generating chatter about the coins.  

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