VALORANT reached the top game in live streaming last week with 36 million hours watched across Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming between July 11th and 17th.

This increase in viewership was partially due to the Valorant Champions Tour: Stage 2 Masters in Cophenhagen. The esports event received 14.2 million hours watched last week, or over a third of the total game viewership across live streaming platforms. It hit a peak viewership of just under 500k viewers, and was the most popular esports event last week. 

Twitch streamer tarik had the highest viewership of the event, with his user generated content garnering 2.8 million hours last week. 

GTA V and League of Legends were also in the top 3 games last week, both with 31.6 million hours watched. The two games have remained at the top of the charts for years, with their extensive content and lasting popularity among live streamers. Will any game become popular enough to surpass the two on the monthly top games in live streaming?

Fall Guys also entered the Top 10 last week at Number 9 with 12.2 million hours watched. The free-to-play version has continued to stay popular among live streamers and gamers after being released a month ago. Prior to the free update, the game was averaging 3.5 million hours watched per month, but that number has now skyrocketed. It will be interesting to see how long the popularity lasts among streamers, and will it continue to be a popular party game among content creators?

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