Disney+ Leads Twitch Chat Mentions of Video Streaming Services

Disney+ is November’s leader for video streaming services in Twitch chat, clocking in at 260K mentions last month. 

While also having the benefit of being attached to one of the top ten most valuable brands in the world according to Forbes, Disney+ has also taken interest in the live streaming space as a way to generate more awareness for the streaming service. Esports organization KOI, which is owned by Ibai Llanos, is sponsored by Disney+ which helps to generate more global interest for the streaming services in the Spanish Gaming community. 

Netflix was the runner-up for November generating 201K mentions. This is a 19% decrease from the 249K mentions generated in October. Netflix has launched a new endeavor to create more interest and exposure for their service with Geeked: Toon In. This program is a 90 minute showcase of upcoming animated shows on Netflix hosted by Kiera Please.

Amazon Prime Video generated 70K mentions landing them in third for November. Twitch being a subsidiary of Amazon has led to many of the platform’s streamers gaining sponsorships from Prime Video in the past. Prime Video is also streaming Thursday Night Football games on the front page of Twitch during the NFL’s regular season this year.