Esports Market Share: Twitch vs YouTube

Tl;dr: YouTube scores a Massive Media Deal, what’s the current market share?

As streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube fight for market share, a main focus has been esports viewership. Many leagues kicked off their seasons and large tournaments were held last weekend while broadcasting on the two most popular streaming sites in North America.

This week, Stream Hatchet investigates the viewership breakdown of live Average Minute Audience (AMA) between Twitch and YouTube across some of the big esports events that recently took place.

  • While YouTube is making a push to secure more esports viewership, Twitch was responsible for about 70% of the live AMA from the events over the weekend.
  • YouTube’s new exclusive broadcast partner, the Call of Duty League, accounted for about 20% of their live AMA across the listed events.
  • League of Legends still generates the most viewership as the LCS and LEC generated almost 52% of the total live AMA across the sample.