The League of Legends World Championship propels the game into first place while Among us tumbles.

As expected, League of Legends reclaims the thrown as the most watched game last week largely due to Worlds 2020. The global tournament notoriously holds massive audiences which enabled accelerated growth for both hours watched and peak viewers week-over-week. On the other hand, Among Us has seen a decline in viewership for the first time in weeks but is still holding a strong second place position. Will the title slide like Fall Guys or will it be able to withstand the Q4 influx of new releases? Lastly, Minecraft Live 2020 helped the decade-old game reach well over 1M peak viewers!

Top Growing Titles:

  • CS:GO rose 31% in hours watched after the ESL Pro League Season 12: EU matches generated sizeable viewership.
  • League of Legends continues to dominate with a 23% hours watched increase moving its total to over 57M hours with a peak of 2.1M viewers.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released Season 6 which resulted in a 15% climb in hours watched and 31% in peak audience.

Top Declining Titles:

  • Among Us fell 26% last week as the party game may be falling victim as a fast fad in the gaming industry.
  • Fortnite dropped 17% as other popular shooter games increased week-over-week.
  • PUBG Mobile also had a 17% decline in hours watched as the title may be seeing residual effects of its ban in India.