The pace of the live-streaming industry is not slowing down, and throughout 2023, one name has been receiving the attention it deserves: Jynxzi. With an airtime of 2.2K hours in 2023, the hardworking streamer Jynxzi does not seem to be slacking, and is trying to keep up his content as much as he can entering this year.

Just two weeks into 2024, this streamer has shattered his personal records, setting new benchmarks for himself and for aspiring streamers everywhere.

Jynxzi’s journey underscores a key insight for the industry: specialized, engaging content, particularly within popular gaming niches, can lead to extraordinary growth and a fiercely loyal viewer base. As he continues to innovate and entertain, Jynxzi’s trajectory serves as a blueprint for success in the digital age of entertainment.

Let’s take a look at this growth:

Unique Registered Viewers

Jynxzi’s growth extrapolates to most metrics, with unique registered viewers being one of the most important ones. He started 2023 with 151K URVs, a year after, his channel recorded 817K URV. Through constant streams, particular content, and a niche selection of games such as Rainbow Six Siege is,

Jynxzi managed to reach this milestone, growing by 438% Year over Year. This metric represents a significant increase in Jynxzi’s reach and influence on the platform, indicating a robust and expanding community of engaged viewers who are registering for the first time to tune into his content.

Breaking Records with ‘Beaulo vs Shaiiko’ on Jynxzi’s Channel

Jynxzi’s stream ‘Beaulo vs Shaiiko’ surged to an astonishing peak of 170K viewers, marking it as his top stream of the year by peak viewership. This event wasn’t just a one-time hit; it was a showcase of his rapidly growing appeal in the streaming community.

These 1v1 events, which put creators against each other in Rainbow Six Siege matches, seem to be a winning formula for Jynxzi, resonating with viewers and keeping them glued to their screens.

Streaming Metrics Tell the Story

Every metric tells a part of the streamer Jynxzi success story. At the beginning of 2023, his average concurrent viewers and hours watched ranged from 3K and 150K to 63K and 1.9M, respectively. The growth is noticeable.

His ability to attract and retain viewers is top-notch, which makes Jynxzi a valuable streamer to the eyes of brands looking to boost their influencer’s campaign.

Rainbow Six Siege Jynxzi choice

Rainbow Six Siege is the stage where Jynxzi shines the brightest. Accounting for over 95% of his viewership in 2024 so far, his streams have become synonymous with high-octane 1v1 showdowns that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The game’s strategic depth, combined with Jynxzi’s engaging streaming style, has proven to be a perfect match, drawing in viewers who can’t seem to get enough.

A Flood of New Followers

In the span of the last two weeks alone, Jynxzi has gained a whopping 269K new followers. The Rainbow Six Siege 1v1 streams are captivating audiences and streamers alike, inviting big-time creators such as KaiCenat and CaseOh.


Jynxzi’s ascent in the early weeks of 2024 is more than just a fluke; it’s the result of his hard work, innovative content, and an innate understanding of what the Twitch community craves.

His focus on Rainbow Six Siege 1v1 streams sets him apart, carving out a niche that has captured the attention of nearly a million unique viewers weekly. If the start of 2024 is any indication, Jynxzi is a creator that both new and veteran streamers should keep an eye on. With his metrics on a meteoric rise, the rest of the year holds immense potential for this live-streaming powerhouse.

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