Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2024, a charity event dedicated to speedrunning, raised over $2.5 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation and showcased its massive reach and impact on live-streaming platforms. The event, which took place from January 14th to 21st, provided a significant opportunity for both community engagement and brand involvement.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the potential for such events to create impactful experiences and opportunities for brands is enormous.

Awesome Games Done Quick Performance on Live-Streaming Platforms

AGDQ 2024 amassed an impressive 9.2M hours watched on Twitch, highlighting its widespread appeal and the popularity that the speedrunning community is getting.

The event reached a peak of 90.1K viewers, indicating a high level of interest and engagement from the audience.

Average viewership maintained a strong presence with 56.2K viewers, showing consistent audience retention throughout the event.

With a chat participation rate of 2.07% and a total of 482K messages sent, the event sparked active conversations and engagement among viewers.

During the event on January 14th to the 21st, GDQ became the top channel by hours watched across Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Kick with its 9.2M hours generated. That is nearly a 200% difference between GDQ’s channel and the second on the list, Gaules, which has 3.1M hours watched. 

The most-watched stream of the event, featuring the game “Only Up!,” saw a peak of 90K concurrent viewers, illustrating the unique draw of the event’s content. 

The Importance of AGDQ 2024

AGDQ 2024 combined entertainment with philanthropy. Its ability to attract large audiences and foster community interaction makes it a crucial event in the gaming calendar. 

The success of AGDQ 2024 in both viewership and fundraising demonstrates the powerful role that gaming can play in supporting charitable causes.

AGDQ 2024’s Opportunities for Brands

Brands can benefit from the high visibility and positive association of sponsoring such events. The large, engaged audience offers a valuable platform for brand exposure and messaging.

The event’s interactive nature allows brands to engage with a passionate community, creating a connection beyond traditional advertising.

Associating with charity events like AGDQ enhances a brand’s image by aligning it with social responsibility and philanthropy.

To leverage unique content opportunities, brands can sponsor specific segments or runs, to creatively integrate their messaging.

The success of AGDQ 2024 on live-streaming platforms underlines the growing influence and importance of gaming events in the digital age. It highlights a paradigm where entertainment, community, and philanthropy intersect, offering fertile ground for brands to engage with audiences in meaningful ways.

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