As livestreaming and esports has become more mainstream, non-gaming brands are rushing into gaming to reach young consumers where it matters. According to NewZoo 70% of Millennials game. Apparel brands are taking note, the likes of Nike, Louis Vuitton & Under Amour have all sponsored major gaming creators and esports events to reach the highly lucrative millennial and gen-z consumer market. Stream Hatchet has leveraged its logo presence score to identify the top apparel brands active within gaming live streams.

Nike was the most prominent brand with a share of 35% in the category. It’s no surprise Nike is the most prominent brand in streaming, after all, it is the most valuable apparel brand on earth, achieving a valuation of $33 billion in 2022 via Statista. One of the key drivers of Nike’s streaming dominance comes from in-game activations. 15% of the total captured appearance were generated by FIFA streamers, mostly through virtual apparel.  

The second most prominent brand in game streaming is Adidas with a market share of 25.3%. Adidas has actively partnered with several gaming orgs including: G2,Team Vitality and recently 00Nation

Puma comes in at third with a share of 12.2%. Puma has partnered with esports organizations like Gen.G and MOUZ. Puma’s brand is most prominently featured in League of Legends streams, which comprise 18.66% of Puma’s Logo Presence share. . 

Italian luxury brand Kappa, is the fourth most prominent brand in game streaming, with 3.4% of the market. Kappa’s sponsorship with Triplo Sette Klan or 777 Klan has helped drive its presence among gamers.  NeZak_ who is part of 777 Klan’s active roster, has 229K hours watched in June and generated 15% of Kappa’s presence share among all active brands while sporting overlays and jerseys.

Racing into Fifth place on our ranking, is Rolex holding a 3.4% share of the apparel category. The watch brand’s proximity to professional racing has helped to drive its popularity with gamers. 88% of their presence share was generated by sim-racing streamers playing F1. In-game Rolex banners found on race tracks, cars, and uniforms, showcase a strong opportunity around in-game sponsorships. 

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