After looking at the data, we’ve concluded that the most popular day of the week to stream Battle Royale games is Sunday. On average, viewers watch 12.1 million hours of Battle Royale content across live streaming platforms on Sundays. Fans watch about a million hours less on Mondays, the least popular day of the week for the Battle Royale genre. The total weekly average is about 11.5 million hours.

One reason for this difference could be the esports section of the market. Battle Royale esports tournaments are extremely popular, bringing in hundreds of thousands of fans to watch their favorite teams. Many of these tournaments, whether they’re weekend tourneys or month-long events, often end their run on a Sunday. The playoffs and final rounds are generally held during the latter part of the weekend. 

For example, in the recent Apex Legends Global Series Pro League Split 2 Playoffs which ran from Friday April 29th to Sunday May 1st, about 300k viewers tuned in to Friday and Saturday’s events. However, that number doubled to over 600k viewers during the final matches on Sunday.

Additionally, with the classic 9-5 work schedule for many adults, video game fans might have more time to watch live streams on the weekend. With Saturday as the second-most popular day to stream, it seems to be an industry-wide trend as well.

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