The Esland Awards for 2023 has concluded setting this year’s highest peak viewership so far. The annual award show showcasing the Spanish-speaking community was able to reach 1.7M peak viewers during the broadcast. This was a 64% increase compared to last year’s award ceremony. Twitch streamer TheGrefg hosted the event and was able to bring in 2M unique viewers to his channel and generate 9M hours watched.

This year’s Esland Awards was held in Mexico City, where 18 awards were presented to the top streamers in the Spanish Live streaming community. Ibai once again returned this year to claim both the Streamer of the Year award, and Event of the Year for his Celebrity Boxing Event La Velada Del Año 2, which broke Twitch’s Live Streaming Peak Viewership record. Other notable winners were, Jelty, who had the nights peak viewership while winning Esports Player of the Year, and Gerard Romero, who won Best Clip, and Best Reporting for this year. 

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