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Ibai Breaks the Streaming Record

On June 25th Spanish streamer Ibai broke Twitch’s viewership record with 3.3 million concurrent viewers during his boxing event. 

The previous record was held by TheGrefg with 2.4 million concurrent viewers in 2021 during the reveal of his Fortnite skin. 

Once again influencer boxing matches are making waves across Twitch. Back in May 2021, Ibai organized his first “La Velada Del Año,” which was a boxing event featuring Spanish influencers, with 1.5 million viewers at its peak. Ibai had so much support for the event that he promised to do another if it got at least 1 million viewers. It peaked at over 1.5 million viewers. A little over a year later, “La Velada Del Año II” reached the record-breaking 3.3 million viewers.


The event featured five fights between Spanish creators. The Momo vs. Viruzz match had the highest average minute audience at 3.2 million viewers. Luzu vs Lolito were next with an AMA of 3 million viewers. Ari Gameplays vs Paracetamor and the headliner match Bustamente vs. Mister Jagger both had 2.9 million average viewers, and Carola vs Spursito had 2.7 million average viewers.

Influencer boxing has become more enticing for content creators over the years. While at first the events were riddled with controversy, the narrative has begun to change in 2022. Moments like Ibai’s La Velada Del Año and even Youtube Creator iDubbz’s Creator Clash have brought credibility back to creators and excitement to their fans.

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