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TheGrefg Shatters All-Time Peak Record

On January 11, 2021, Spanish streamer TheGrefg broke the all-time peak viewership record across Twitch and YouTube Gaming with about 2.5 million concurrent viewers. The viral stream was a planned reveal of TheGrefg’s in-game Fortnite skin as millions poured in to watch. This feat goes to show that live streaming is extremely global and creating the right marketing campaign (i.e. developing an in-game item based off an incredibly popular streamer) will be the new normal moving forward. Brands, publishers, and anyone looking to make a splash in the live streaming/gaming world should take notes from Fortnite’s campaign. Have in-game items based on streamers been implemented in other games before? Yes. But TheGrefg and Fortnite made the reveal into an event; something that the world can tune into and experience together.