TL;DR: Shroud, Dr Disrespect, and Ninja all made impressive comebacks over the last few weeks averaging over 100k viewers with ease.

It isn’t news that the titans of the streaming industry will have a huge impact on the platforms when returning from their vacation or when they are going to a different platform. With Shroud’s first stream, he made a huge impact on Twitch holding an average of 223k viewers across an 8 hours stream. Overall, these three titans know how to pull a crowd.

  • For both of Ninja’s stream, he gave less than 24 hours notice that he was planning on streaming, and still averaged over 90k viewers on both YouTube & Twitch.
  • With Dr Disrespect streaming regularly on YouTube now, he is averaging over 90k viewers each day.
  • Shroud had the longest session across all 3 streamers and generated an average of 223k viewers.